No Stone Left Alone

Today was a very special day. I was able to perform the No Stone Left Alone Anthem that I wrote for the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation at their poppy laying ceremony this morning. This song is about remembering everyone who has given up something to make sure Canadians and others all around the world experience the freedoms that we cherish. As one of the speakers at this mornings ceremony said "The price of freedom is very high". Never has that statement been more true.

Thanks Maureen and Randal letting me be a part of this amazing intiative. And thanks to the Lieutenant Governer Lois Mitchell, and Gord Steinke for reccomending me for this amazing oppotunity to write music for an important cause.

The song “No Stone Left Alone” is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and other options with proceeds going to the No Stone Left Alone Foundation.