"Over the course of the album she runs the gamut from the absolute bombastic to the restrained refined sort of sound. Songs have a raw live feeling to them. Rebecca Lappa's "Reckless Heart" sounds like a celebration, filled with pure joy."
Skope, Nov, 2016

"With the launch of her sixth album, Reckless Heart, (released Nov. 2nd), 19-year-old singer/songwriter Rebecca Lappa continues to take giant steps forward in her career. The self-released album highlights her continued musical maturity, adding depth to her patented folk/rock sound. Reckless Heart features eleven tracks and is a grittier representation of Lappa's sound, while still showcasing her powerful voice and compelling storytelling. Reckless Heart sees her taking a more mainstream approach."
The Vue Weekly, Nov, 2016

"I really liked hearing Rebecca's talent and sheer dedication to her music, which shines through while listening to this release. If you are looking for something new to listen to, Rebecca Lappa is definitely an artist that I would highly recommend.
Canadian Beats, Nov, 2016

"It's a slick and confident effort with the feel of a transitional album, pointing toward the new territory where Lappa is heading."
Edmonton Journal, Oct, 2016

"The singing is the true knock-out here, the passion of Sheryl Crow with the sensitivity of Sarah McLachlan - yet original, truly the makings of a star."
Gigcity.ca, Oct, 2o16

"Having worked with Rebecca on 2 of her pervious recordings, "Ode to Tennyson" and "Tattered Rose". I have seen and heard first hand Rebecca's extraordinary talents as a singer/songwriter and budding musician. Rebecca's compositions crackle with originality, with beautiful melodies and clever original lyrics. Her music is infectious and intelligent as it takes you on a journey. I never tire of Rebecca's music. It's challenging, smart and engaging on so many levels.
Rebecca has so much potential and her musical future is indeed bright."
Barry Allen, Engineer/Producer, Homestead Recorders, June 16, 2015

"Leaning on her strong writing skills and powerful vocals, Rebecca delivers an amazing, fresh new folk record. Even with just seven songs, Rebecca manages to captivate the listener. Each song tells a story; a history lesson for some brought to life by angelic vocals and inspiring musicianship."
YEG Music Magazine "Tattered Rose" Review Nov 24, 2015

"The evidence is piling up - that Rebecca Lappa is at the top of the class of great new artists from Edmonton."
Mike Ross, GigCity.ca 2015

"Tattered Rose, produced by Barry Allen and St. Albert's Gord Matthews, brings out the layers of Lappa's lush voice and is a soulful and insightful achievement that reveals her maturity as a songwriter".
St. Albert Gazette, Nov/2015