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SAS Challenge 4
Written by Rebecca   
Saturday, 30 July 2016 11:53

Songwriting challenge 4 blog post


The song Gone actually took me a lot longer than expected to write. I really had to think about how to talk about being a female Casanova differently than I had in my first attempt to write this song. The ideas for the lyrics originally came from a song I had tried to write about the 10 different types of girlfriends that a guy wouldn't want to have, while the chords came from a voice memo I had recorded almost a year ago but had never done anything with. I love the band Halestorm because of the vocalist’s writing style. She pulls off the bad girl persona really well. So when I started to rewrite and put the multiple ideas I had together I tried to emulate Lizzy Hale as much as possible with my own twist. I feel that I accurately emulated her with a Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert feel.

Gone:  Song writing Challenge 4, by Rebecca Lappa


Verse 1

Oh you boys like girls who can play the game, play the game

But you've never had your heart betrayed

Porn stars body on you night and day, night and day

Never thought that it could slip away


Pre chorus

My feelings are only skin deep

Don't press your luck

I'm not yours to keep



I'm gonna track you down in the pouring rain

Make you think that you could love again

Work my charm, take your breath away

You keep hoping that I'll never stray

I live for the moment and when it's done

Baby then I'm gone

I'm gone


Verse 2

I bring the party everywhere I go, where I go

No lack lustre it's my rodeo

You’re in my ring Babe I love the figh,t love the fight

Knock out your heart and take you home tonight


Pre chorus

Trailer trash tough with a wild streak

I know what you want

You don't have to speak



I once gave a boy my heart and soul

Oh he drank me dry and left my cold

Can't you see my hearts been damned

Now you know if you take my hand

SAC Songwriting Challenge #3
Written by Rebecca   
Friday, 22 July 2016 19:59

My experience writing Your Heart Is My Bulls Eye with Lisa Nicole Grace was actually very easy. We had a good time writing together and the song just kinda flowed out of us. The brainstorming was a lot of fun and I don't think I would have been able to write that song on my own. The great thing about c-writing is that you get to write stories the way you wanted them to be because you have a sounding board and an extra idea generator in the other person.



Your Heart is My Bulls Eye

by Rebecca Lappa and Lisa Nicole Grace


Verse 1

Too busy stealing from the rich

And giving to the poor

Do you even love me anymore?

Off running with your merry men

What about me Maid Marian?


Pre chorus

I've got my bow and I've got my arrow

And I'm coming for you



I'm leaving my corset behind 

I'm drawing back to let it fly

I've got you in my sights

Your heart is my bull’s eye


Verse 2

Can you believe they wanted me 

To marry some old knight

I said not without a fight

I ran away to the forest of Sherwood

To win the heart of Robin Hood 


I'm gonna hunt you down (4X)


SAC Songwriting Challenge #2
Written by Rebecca   
Friday, 15 July 2016 19:42

SAC Song Challenge 2

Writing "Lily" with Beth Portman was a lot of fun. We decided that it would be interesting to write a song about "gilding of the lily". Which in this case is about an abused wife who's husband is smoothing it over for the public like putting a little bit of gold on a lily. It took us 2 days of writing to  create the song. The story was awesome to write and stories are up my alley so this challenge was actually quite easy.

Rebecca Lappa

Lily by Rebecca Lappa and Beth Portman

Lily echo intro

Verse 1

Lilly of the valley lying in her field

Gazing through the petals that softly conceal

Her youth and her beauty, the warmth of her smile

The body of a woman but the heart of a child


Lily lily lily lily

Verse 2

Day dreams don't last when strifes at your door

And hard luck could lead you to be very poor

The gift of a daughter to set them for life

To a wealthy stranger who'd make her his wife



Tarnished with gold

Dripping in riches with a man who is cold


Tarnished with gold

Bought with a ring at the cost of her soul

Verse 3

As she walked down the isle with her father beside

Flowing in silk, a veil that hides

The worry and strain of this new life to be

But all that she wants is to run and be free


Verse 4

Controlled by a vow shes forced to obey

This man is no lover just owns her for play

Perfect and poised dressed up for his show

Disguising the truth so no one would know



First a fist he'd use

It would leave a bruise

Turning black and blue then yellow

Underneath her clothes

Where it never shows

Just a pattern that keeps on going on

Lily lily lily lily

Verse 5

Lily of the valley wilted and weak

Displayed on the mantel unable to speak

A photo of union tinted and old

Encased in a frame that's gilded with gold

SAC Songwriting Challenge #1
Written by Rebecca   
Thursday, 07 July 2016 17:40

Hey everyone. I am taking part in a SAC Songwriting blog Challenge so I thought I would keep everyone involved in the Process:

 SAC Song Writing Challenge Blog1

Writing process for Mr. Hyde

The goal of this week  was to write a song that was either based on a 1 bar riff or only 2 chords and that the melody or words were very rhythmic. It actually took me an hour to decide which one I wanted to do mostly be cause I found it hard to choose between them when they both held great possibilities. In the end, I believe that I mixed the two ideas in the creation of this song. I wrote Mr. Hyde about some personal struggles I had been having with a person I am very close to in my life. Because of the rhythm and the groove based requirements, it seemed only natural to write something in the blues genre. Once I decided what the song was about I was also swayed towards the blues, because when I think about Muddy Waters or Big Mama Thortin,  their metaphors would be different, but the tale of a lover that treats you wrong is as old as time and something I'm sure they would have been able to relate to. I then took the song to a song circle in Edmonton that I frequent. The people at the circle thought I should cut out extra words and add some more rhythmic stops for more interest since the song only has 2 chords. I thought they had a good point and made those corrections to the best of my ability.


Mr. Hyde by Rebecca Lappa


Twisted love

Don't treat me right

You’re hot and heavy

Or cold as night

Crash in like the thunder

You’re out like a light

Doctor Jekyll

No your Mister Hyde


Verse 1

When you first came around

Your brilliant smile chased away the clouds

You got down on bended knee

Through the lust filled haze I couldn't see

Your set in your ways, you would not bend

But I continued to pretend

Darlin how you made me weep

But by then I was in too deep


Verse 2

As the months they past

Your raging temper struck hard and fast

I knew when you began to brood

There's no way I could change you mood

It didn't matter how hard I tried

You always found something to criticize

Had no need to think before you spoke

And all my troubles were a pointless joke



Though you stole my heart

You wore a mask from the start

 It's left some scars

But now I know who you are


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