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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 21:06

Hi everyone. It is official I have graduated high school. Unfortunately in the rush to finish school I have fallen way behind on my blogging. But fear not, though my typing fingers have been idol my musical fingers have not.

I attended the Folk Alliance International Conference it Kansas City with the Bow Valley Music Club. This was a monster conference with people from everywhere. There were workshops, official showcases, 3 floors of private showcases and industry tables. I had showcases every night with rooms like the Bow Valley Music Club and Break Our West. I got to meet and play with all sorts of people and meet friends.I discovered that a classical guitar uses a different than an acoustic guitar I had a visit from outer space when Chris Hatfield sat in on one of my showcases. I saw some great performances including Sylvia Tyson with Wendell Ferguson on guitar. Did you know there is a Banjo Babes Calendar. I took the songwriter's breakfast challenge and wrote a song to the prompt "it tastes so good" resulting in a free breakfast and a song for my new CD.

College  Auditions: Yes you have to audition for admission into music college and only the strong and those who know their music theory survive. My Berklee audition was in Vancouver and my MacEwan audition was in Edmonton. I got into both schools but only MacEwan offered my an entrance scholarship so I am looking forward to attending MacEwan's Bachelor of Music Program in the fall as a vocalist.

I attended the Songrise Songwriting Conference in Red Deer. They had amazing mentors; Sherry Crawford, Dana Blaymore, Josh Gwilliam, Duane Steele, Chris Wynters, Wendell Fergusson, and Russell Broom. "Piece of Me", a song I wrote for grad, won the shine my demo contest so I had the opportunity to record it at the amazing OCL Studios before the conference. The song and recording made it on to my new CD......I am seeing a pattern here.  I loved the work shops. The challenge and highlight of the conference was writing, recording and performing a song with people you had never met all in one day. You can find the songs at 

More blogging to come 

Happy New Year 2015
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Saturday, 03 January 2015 19:01

Hey everyone. 2014 was an fantastic year and I would like to thank everyone for all of your support. I had the chance to play at some amazing venues in front of music fans of all ages. I can hardly wait to see what will happen in 2015. As a last surprise of the year "The Earl" made in on to the Edmonton Sun's Maimann list of top 20 Edmonton Songs of 2014.

 Congratulations to everyone else on the list, it is an honour to be listed with you.

I look forward to writing more music, performing more gigs and connecting with more music lovers in 2015.


Ode to Tennyson Reviewed
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Thursday, 11 December 2014 23:57

Yay! Ode to Tennyson was reviewed. Check out the music blog here



Outrageous October
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Sunday, 26 October 2014 21:25

October has been a world wind. Ode to Tennyson is nominated for Young Performer of the Year. This is my 4th year in a row to be nominated and given the amazing people in the category I feel truly honoured to be listed with them. This means I am off to Ottawa at the end of November.

The CD release concert at the Roxy with the Doll Sisters was amazing. The Roxy is such a fabulous venue with great people. Hopefully I will have some video up from the concert soon.

FMO concert in Toronto was an incredible marathon. It was my first time at a FMO type of conference. Learned a lot, saw a lot, played a lot, slept not so much and wish I could have talked more. Next time I want to get there earlier (not fly in 10PM Friday night), not have laryngitis (started getting sick Friday night), and talk with more random people (Fading voice left me the choice save it to sing or use it to talk). I can't thank Shelley Montreuil (Chicks that Rock), Grier Coppins (Highland Bro's), and Andrew Mason (Newbies and Oldies) enough for letting me take part in their private showcases. They were all very welcoming. Shelley even provided some medicinal beverage for my dad's sore throat. An unexpected surprise was being able to join in jamming and sharing songs with the gang at the Borealis Hootenany on Saturday night. While at the conference I had a live interview with Jan Hall (Folk Roots Radio) on CFRU. I had the opportunity to share some songs from Ode to Tennyson plus play some new songs I have started to collect. I also got to meet with Andy Frank who has enjoyed playing Ode to Tennyson on his show on CUIT.

A big hello to Kamloops BC. Ode to Tennyson has made it to CFBX where as of October it has reached #13 on the top 30 chart and #4 on the Top 10 Roots Albums. If I tour in BC this summer I will have to find a place to play in Kamloops. Anybody have any suggestions where?

Bye Rebecca 


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